Our Farm

Our Farm has been in the family since 1905.  We are currently the 4th & 5th Generations to run the farm.  The Creamery was started in April of 2004 after a few years of planning and learning!  We currently milk approximately 55 cows, and raise all of our own Dairy replacements, so we hold down disease.   We DO NOT use any BST hormones or Antibiotics on our cows.  This practice is so that we can provide you the customer with the purest cheese without the worry of growth hormones.

In total the farm is approximately 415 acres (wooded, pastures, hay fields and crops).  We lease out most of the crop land to a farmer who produces all of the feed we use to feed our cows.  We still cut, bale and store all of our own hay.  We bale mostly 1100 pound round bales for ease in feeding, but we occasionally still bale the small 40 pound square bales too.

We are fortunate to have our family close by–our 3 daughters live in homes across the street from the farm (with our 6 grandchildren–our oldest Granddaughter lives in Dundee) and our son purchased a house just down the road a stone’s throw away!  Ron’s Mother lives in the house on the corner of the farm.  So you see we TRULY ARE a FAMILY FARM in all sense of the words!

Here are some pictures of the farm from the air.  These were taken by a friend as he was flying over on his way from his home in Alpine to his home/business in Washington DC area.  We thank Dr. James Allen for taking the time to fly over and snap some shots.